My Project

This web server is running on a Raspberry Pi (Model B) powered 100% by Solar energy.
Raspberry Pi

Extended Downtime

Something happened that I did not expect.  Instead of a gradual battery failure where it starts to have issues holding a charge over time the battery failed 100% within about 30 minutes.  To make matters worse my alerting system had a configuration error so I did not get any pages.  Had I got a page I may have been able to get another battery in parallel and kept my up time.  Since I did not get any pages and since I have been busy with real life I did not even notice it had gone down.  The downtime started on Saturday Oct 20 2012 around 07:40.   I replaced the battery and got the server back up on Tuesday Oct 23 2012 around 16:50.

Looking at the old battery it was much older then I first thought.  It was over 7 years old.  I should have started with a new battery.  It now has a brand new battery and everything else looks good.  To bad I have to start over on my up time.