My Project

This web server is running on a Raspberry Pi (Model B) powered 100% by Solar energy.
Raspberry Pi

November Downtime

Another downtime. The good news is this time all of my monitoring work as expected The cause of the downtime was the battery slowly lost power over time until the voltage dropped to low for the Raspberry. This was caused because it is winter here. The sun in now in the south and hits the pannels at a different angle part of the day, the days are shorter, and there are many clowdy days were the sun does not shine much. To fix the problem I bought some new pannels doubling what I had. The new pannels are pointed more south catching the direct sun at a different time of the day then the current ones. Once they were installed I charged the battery full using a plug-in changer because I felt it would be hard for everything to recover with the battery so low. Once the battery was charged and I was running 100% on solor I rebooted the server to start a fresh uptime counter.