My Project

This web server is running on a Raspberry Pi (Model B) powered 100% by Solar energy.
Raspberry Pi

28-Apr-2018 Solar over but the Pi lives on

Due to changes in my life I had to move my equipment to a co-locate site in a data center. I am no longer able to power the Raspberry Pi with solar power so that part of this story is over. I decided I would continue to run it to share all the information I learned over the years running it on solar power and just to see how long this thing will hold up. This web page is being served by the same Raspberry Pi I bought in July 2012. It has the same SD card (hard drive) and has never been reformatted or re-os. It is the very first version of the Raspberry Pi and is still running and serving pages to the Internet. It is now powered by a USB port on the back of my main server.